Reer Safety Lock

Safety switch with guard locking and electromagnetic lock. Safety and reliability in door-opening control. Safelock is a safety switch utilised in the protection of personnel when opening doors leading to dangerous areas. It acts by monitoring and interrupting the safety circuit during dangerous scenarios.
SLK-M – Retention mechanism actuated by a spring and unlocked by ON current. SLK-E – Retention mechanism actuated by ON current and unlocked by spring. Switching principle based on Slow-action switching contacts. 2 guided contacts, positively driven, to define the door position. 1 guided contact, positively driven, to define the guard lock block positio
Safelock Models;

1. SLK-M-P-2NC-24:
Mechanical safety interlock with plastic actuator. 2 NC, feedback 1 NC
2. SLK-M-M-2NC-24: Mechanical safety interlock with metallic. Actuator: 2 NC, feedback 1 NC
3. SLK-E-P-2NC-24:Electrical safety interlock with plastic actuator: 2 NC, feedback 1 NC
4. SLK-E-M-2NC-24: Electrical safety interlock with metallic actuator: 2 NC, feedback 1 NC

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