Reer Safety Laser scanner

Hokuyo Laser Scanner

Hokuyo is the smallest safety scanner in the world. Its compact design helps to reduce the space concern and easy installation on AGVs, AGCs as well as in vertical guarding applications etc.

Conformity Standards
IEC61496-1/3 : Type3
IEC61508 : SIL2
ISO13849-1 : PL d Category3

UAM can simultaneously protect 2 hazardous areas. Separate OSSD signals are triggered for the respective protection zones making it possible to guard two machines with a single UAM.

Maximum four units of UAM can be interconnected for Master-Slave operation when multiple units are required to guard the hazardous area. The system can be controlled by connecting the input and output signals to Master unit only.

Main Features Of Hokuyo Scanner
  • Compact Models
  • Protection zone : 5m 270°
  • Warning Zone -20M 
  • Data Output via Ethernet
  • Master-Slave Function
  • Dual Protection
  • Encoder Input

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