Puls DC/DC Converter

PULS DC / DC  Converter

An efficient DC/DC converter can do more than just adjust voltages. It can contribute to system reliability and increase endurance in the event of voltage fluctuations

PULS DC/DC converters provide efficient and reliable  regulated DC voltages of 12V, 24V or 48V.

The compact design allows installation in standard decentralized on-machine cabinets and saves plenty of space on the DIN-rail.

 Puls DC/DC converter are  tried and tested solution for below mentioned problems.

The DC output voltage of a power supply can be affected by various factors such as wire size and length as well as electrical noise. Especially in large applications, long wire lengths are a reality and are required to connect all the control equipment in the system. If this is combined with a small wire size the DC voltage loss can be substantial. This will possibly affect the connected loads. Even if the wire size is appropriate for the load, peak currents such as starting motors can further increase the voltage loss.

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