CS612 12kg 6-axis Collaborative Robot
  • 6-axis cobo, dead weight 33kg, payload 12kg
  • Working radius 1304mm
  • Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
  • Maximum tool speed 3.0m/s
  • Power consumption 500W
  • IP54

CS612 can automatically handle tasks with payload more than 12kg without compromising accuracy. As the largest payload cobot in ELITE cobot family, with a working radius of 1305mm, it can perform tasks such as packing and palletizing in a bigger work area.

ELITE adopts a new type of lightweight and widescreen teach pendant that supports touchscreen control for more direct operation. Based on the understanding of customers’ experience, ELITE optimized the programming process and simplified the programming workflow. With just a few clicks on the teach pendant, the programming can be completed, thus to reduce the learning burden of users, enable them to get started more quickly and help users and integrators to accelerate the project development cycle. Customers can fully experience the simple and modern UI design of CS series which makes the