Cognex Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Fixed Mount Cognex Barcode Reader

Companies select fixed mount barcode readers when they need to address high speed application/ when there is continuous movement of parts over the conveyor. Typically, manufacturing environments in industries such as automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, FMCG, logistics require traceability of parts moving with high speed continuously to achieve efficient productivity process.

Cognex DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers offer unmatched 1D and 2D code reading performance. Advanced technology, processing power, modularity, and ease of use make DataMan barcode readers the ideal solution for challenging manufacturing and logistics applications.

Cognex Fixed-mount Barcode Reader Models;

  • DMR-150       DMR152
  • DMR-262X     DMR-262Q  
  • DMR-362X     DMR-374
  • DMR-474        DMR-475

Main Features Of Cognex Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

  • Resolution ranging from 0.3MP to 5MP
  • 100% Reliability in decoding of 1D and 2D codes
  • Best-in-class image formation – HDR Technology
  • Available in compact sizes – Simplifies installation in tight spaces
  • Reduces installation time and cost of ownership
  • Modularity with lens and light provides unparalleled flexibility
  • Advanced technology – improving throughput and traceability

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